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New Video : Silvan Joray "The Journey"

Nouvelle vidéo : Silvan Joray "The Journey"

In November 2020, I had the chance to join an ensemble led by the great Swiss guitar player Silvan Joray for a couple of shows at Theater Basel in a music series currated by the Basel Musik Hochschule. This almost totally improvised and multi-artistic performance entilted "The Journey" pictures the evolution of two human beings into a supposed post apocalyptic world.

personnel :

Tian Long Li : harmonica

Silvan Joray : guitar

Martin Theurillat : guitar

Nadav Erlich : double bass

Harumi Mumenthaler & Mikki Monnin : dance

New Video : Max Petersen Double Trio with Song Yi Jeong

Nouvelle vidéo : Max Petersen Double Trio with Song Yi Jeong

Here is a video of an August 2020 performance I had the chance to be a part of. This is the music of the great pianist Max Petersen who I 1st met as I was living in New York. For that program Max wrote some nice and sophisticated music inspired both tby the jazz and classical idioms.
Go check out his musical world !

New Transcription, Big Sid Catlett drum solo on "Boff Boff" (C. Hawkins)

Nouvelle transcription, solo de Big Sid Catlett sur "Boff Boff" (C. Hawkins)

I've recently been exploring the music and playing of the great Sidney Catlett (1910-1951). Here is his solo on Boff Boff (C. Hawkins) from the recording "Satchmo at Symphony Hall" (re. 1947, 1st released on Decca in 1951 (DL 3087/8038).

This a great and extended solo, feel free to contact me if you'd like to have a look at the chart!

Art Blakey Solo “The Theme”

Art Blakey Solo “The Theme”

I’ve recently transcribed this great Art Blakey Solo on the tune “The Theme” by Miles Davis. It’s from an amazing recording by the Jazz Messengers entitled “Ugetsu” which I urge you to check out if you don’t know it yet.

I have the solo written down so feel free to get in touch if you want a copy of it!